New Ingredient Challenge

I have a challenge- every time I go to the grocery store, I try to buy something I’ve never bought before and use it in a recipe. Here are my ingredients so far (and when applicable, the recipes that they have resulted in).

Veggies and Fruits

  • Prickly pears –> We ate them. They were weird.
  • Beets–> Roasted beets. I didn’t use a recipe.
  • Brussel sprouts —> Maple bacon brussel sprout recipe coming soon!
  • Kale –> Kale chips- I don’t remember which recipe, but here’s one
  • Radishes –> Radish, pea, and feta salad based on this recipe
  • Cabbage (leaves)–> We tried it out in place of a whole wheat wrap! A bit veggie-heavy for our taste, but it worked well.

Grain Products

  • Quinoa–> We’ve made lots of stuff with quinoa…mostly cold salads. It’s still not my favourite.
  • Soba noodles–> Now a staple. I have a beef, soba, and brocolli recipe coming up!
  • Rice paper –> We made fresh rolls. 🙂
  • Udon noodles –> We made an udon soup…I’m not sure I like udon noodles. They’re kind of slimy.
  • Phyllo pastry –> Still in the freezer.
  • Won ton wrappers –> My new favourite easy dessert: cinnawons


  • Paratha –> I made them into zucchini pizzas using approximations of this recipe and this recipe
  • Barbari bread –> It’s bread. So we made sandwiches. It was great toasted- can’t wait to dip it in oil and vinegar.



  • Garam masala
  • Cardamom seeds –> I’ve made some delicious honey cardamom lattes and rice pudding with cardamom, dried cranberries and lemon zest.


  • Vegetarian yam cookies (Dollee brand) –> They were cookies, so we just ate them. But they were yummy- kind of a shortbread cookie.
  • Taro milk tea powder & tapioca pearls –> To make homemade bubble tea with tapioca.

To try:

  • Fennel

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